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ATM Milano official app 

You can now download the new official ATM Milano App on your smartphone, available also in English, featuring new design and functions and available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone (version 8 onwards).

The homepage is a summary of the new design that includes geo-localization service, quick access to frequently used functions, latest news and alerts on service's disruptions. The side menu on the left offers easy access to all available functions.

Around me offers a geographic representation of all the ATM points of interest included in the map portion you are navigating (underground and surface stops, authorised points of sale, BikeMi, GuidaMi, etc). Each point of interest on the map has its own detail pages.

The detail pages of the underground/surface stops show waiting times, the underground status and times. Pages can be used as departure/arrival points of your itineraries or you can save them in Favourites.

The Journey Planner tool offers different choices, starting from the options entered, suggesting customized itineraries according to departure times and preferred transportation system (underground, surface transportation, trains).

With Find Lines you can visualize an entire line including stops and browse its list. You can select up to 3 lines and simultaneously visualize them on the screen. The research options Find Stops and Find a Place allow searching for stops by name, visualizing immediately in-between stops and waiting times, and also by entering the code available at each stop. The address search function shows a number of main addresses, suggesting also different options to reach them. 

In the ATM Point section you can get useful information about ATM Point offices, know how many people are queueing up at ATM Point offices before going there, take a “virtual ticket” using your smartphone rather than taking it at the office, check your ticket status looking up the “last called number” information.

All ATM information flows are concentrated in a single section. The system shows also traffic news and the tweets of @ATM_Informa on real time situation. You can find also a graphic representation of the underground status.

Download for iOS
Download for Android
Download for Windows Phone

Ticket purchase

Once you register in the App, you can login and purchase urban tickets and pay by PayPal or Credit Card. If you are already registered in the ATM website, you can use the same login name and password; if you forgot them, you can request them following this link.

After the login, tap Ticket purchase to select the number of tickets and complete your purchase. You can pay with your PayPal account or any credit cards accepted by the system.

To access the metro and get on buses, trams and trolley-buses you have to select a card and perform the validation at the beginning of the trip.
To access the metro you can touch the readers with the QR code at the equipped turnstiles. In case of one-day tickets you have to re-validate the active travel document at ATM Milano before each passage through a turnstile.
Alternatively you can print the ticket at the automatic ticket machine choosing the section "Tickets with PIN/PNR code" and entering the alphanumeric code that you find in the section “Print PNR” of the app after validation. The printed ticket will report the remaining time validity. Remember to keep the ticket until the end of its validity.
To access the urban sections of Trenord you will need to print the ticket at the automatic ticket machine. 

The following tickets are available via the ATM Milano App:
- urban single ticket for 1.50€
- urban day pass for 4,50€
- RHO Fieramilano 2015 return ticket for 5€
- single ticket to or from RHO Fieramilano 2015 for 2.50€ 

Attention: un-installing and updating the app after the ticket's validation will cause the loss of the ticket.

Adjustment tickets when exiting from the Metro turnstiles

All tickets must be stamped even when leaving the metro stations. Passengers whose tickets have expired or which do not have the correct fare can purchase an adjustment ticket using the vending machines inside the turnstile line. Adjustment tickets are valid exclusively for stamping when you leave the metro. They cannot, for any reason, be used to continue your journey.

Passengers who have a ticket purchased using the ATM APP or with the SMS Ticketing service can stamp when they leave by moving their smartphone close to the turnstiles with QR Code reader, or print their ticket by entering PNR into the vending machines located inside the turnstile and stamp their printed ticket.

During controls, you will need to show the APP screen with the valid ticket and the paper ticket, if the latter was printed out.

You can find detailed instructions on ticket use in the Instructions page, in the Ticket purchase section on the top right of the App.

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