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ATM’s History 

Historic images of Milan

Our long company history began as early as 1931 when, as stated in article one of the Milan City Regulations, ATM became an independent company “operating the tram service for the Milan municipality, both inside the city and between the city and nearby towns”.

The Post-War and Economic Boom Years

The years between 1931 and 1964 essentially saw two distinct periods in the history of ATM, at the time an acronym for Azienda Tranviaria Municipale (Municipal Tram Company): the gradual increase in city and intercity bus transport to meet the new demand for mobility resulting from the post-war economic boom and the opening in 1964 of the first underground line (the “red line”) between Lotto and Sesto Marelli.

The Green Underground Line and the Jumbotram

On 1 January 1965 ATM was renamed Azienda Trasporti Municipali (Municipal Transport Company) and five years later, in December 1969, the second line of the underground was opened (the “green line”). This was followed shortly afterwards by the inauguration, on the most crowded lines, of the so-called Jumbotrams, able to transport a total of over 250 passengers.

The Third Underground Line and ATM’s Quality Commitment

In 1990 came the turn of the third underground line (the “yellow line”). After taking the name Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (Milanese Transport Company) in 1999, the company became a limited company in 2001. This transition also coincided with the process of obtaining certifications for its quality and environmental systems and a long series of social and environmental initiatives, the forerunners of the company’s current commitment to sustainable mobility.

Now and in the Future

ATM currently manages public transport in the capital of the Lombardy region and in 72 provincial towns, serving an area with a total population of 2.6 million people. ATM is moving fast towards the future with the difficult and farsighted challenge of achieving sustainability, a key theme of the Milan EXPO 2015.



ATM becomes an independent company 


Underground line 1 opens


Underground line 2 opens


Jumbotram tests begin


Underground line 3 opens


ATM becomes an “Azienda Speciale” and is renamed Azienda Trasporti Milanesi


Presentation of the first Eurotram. Radiobus, a new booking only service, is born


ATM becomes a Limited Company. The new ATM POINT opens in Duomo underground station. A service contract is stipulated with the City of Milan. Beginning of the Quality and Environment System Certification process


Presentation of the Sirio, the latest generation tram. The “Good Samaritan” project begins, a service providing accommodation and help to the homeless


The M3 station Machiachini opens; inauguration of the new North and South tram lines


ATM is given an award by Legambiente for the introduction of EURO 2 and EURO 3 buses on all its city bus routes. The first new generation Cristalis trolley bus comes into service. The first company creche open


Establishment of the ATM Group. ATM wins the Environmentally Friendly Company Award from the Italian Ministry for the Environment


The Group presents its 2008-2010 Business Plan

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