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City car sharing: an alternative, more intelligent and economical way of using cars.

Our service, run by Guidami srl, allows you to hire a car with a simple phone call or over the internet, paying according to your use of the vehicle.
With Guidami you can give up your own car without compromising your need for mobility. Car sharing is a transport system which involves using a shared car, available at all times at highly competitive rates, with no maintenance, insurance or fuel costs.
This is a self-service car rental service available from garages all over Milan 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With car sharing you gain effective use of the car, in other words mobility, without needing to purchase the car itself.

Car sharing also has a dual environmental advantage: fewer private cars in circulation thanks to the collective use of vehicles and limited pollution thanks to the use of vehicles with electric or low environmental impact engines.

For more information on the service, its benefits, how to book, the cars available and a map of garages, visit the Guidami website (Italian only)

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