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Fares and Types 

Image of passengers stamping tickets

ATM meets all your mobility needs with a wide range of tickets::

  • Urban tickets, for travels within Milan on the Milan city transport network
  • Extra-urban tickets, for travels on intercity routes from the greater Milan area to the Milan terminals and vice versa, or for travels between towns in the greater Milan area
  • Cumulative tickets, for travels on both the Milan city and intercity networks
  • Fiera Milano tickets, to arrive to Rho exhibition center at Rho Fiera undergournd station

Urban tickets are priced at a flat rate. Extra-urban and cumulative tickets are priced progressively depending on the distance travelled between the departure point and the final destination.

Recommendations for Use

Tickets should be handled and stored with care.
Magnetic tickets have a magnetic strip:  please do not fold, pierce or place tickets near sources of electromagnetic radiation. For the correct use of magnetic tickets on overground vehicles and in the underground please consult our FAQs on how to use the SBME (Magnetic and Electronic Ticketing System).

Stamped tickets are strictly personal and may not be used by third parties; they should be kept until you exit the station or descend from the vehicle and should be presented to ticket inspectors upon request. Passengers not in possession of a ticket, or with unstamped tickets, are liable to the fines specified in the regulations in force.

Stamping Tickets

All tickets should be stamped at the start of every journey.
Magnetic tickets should be stamped at the start of every journey and every time you change vehicles
. To stamp your ticket insert it into the slot in the electronic ticket machine on board overground vehicles or at the ticket barriers in the underground.

On the Milan city portion of some intercity routes, vehicles may not be equipped to accept magnetic tickets. In these cases, you may start your journey by stamping your ticket once in the ticket machines with a wide slot. Tickets stamped in this way may not be used to start other journeys on these vehicles.

Adjustment tickets when exiting from the Metro turnstiles

All tickets must be stamped even when leaving the metro stations. Passengers whose tickets have expired or which do not have the correct fare can purchase an adjustment ticket using the vending machines inside the turnstile line. Adjustment tickets are valid exclusively for stamping when you leave the metro. They cannot, for any reason, be used to continue your journey.

Passengers who have a ticket purchased using the ATM APP or with the SMS Ticketing service can stamp when they leave by moving their smartphone close to the turnstiles with QR Code reader, or print their ticket by entering PNR into the vending machines located inside the turnstile and stamp their printed ticket.


ATM for Families

Children travel free of charge on ATM vehicles when accompanied by an adult in possession of a valid ticket or travel card:

  • Children aged 5 and under. Prams and pushchairs may be carried free of charge
  • Children aged 6 to 10, up to two children.

We remind passengers that children must be in possession of ID as proof of age; children without ID must pay for their ticket.

These discounts are valid on the entire overground citywide network, including the Milan leg of intercity routes, and on the entire ATM underground network. There is no discount for school groups or organized tours.

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