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Web Accessibility 

This new website was designed to improve performance and ensure the availability of services to the largest possible number of users, in accordance with Italian and international accessibility standards.

This website was designed in accordance with WCAG 1.0 guidelines, as specified in the international W3C WAI standards. We also implemented the criteria set out in Italian Law no. 4 of 9 January 2004 no. 4 “Guidelines for encouraging access to information tools by disabled individuals” (Stanca Law). Finally, we also took into consideration the advice and suggestions offered by end users.


The website conforms to the specifications summarized below:

  • absence of frames (hidden squares) and nested tables
  • presence of alternative contents for non-textual objects (as images and icons)
  • presence of meaningful and clear texts to indicate the presence of hypertext links
  • comprehensibility of text and graphics even when viewed without colour
  •  potential to watch videos using assistance technologies
  • check on colour combinations and the relations between the information content and background, which are always kept distinct
  • adaptation of the text contents of a page to the size of the browser window without superimposition or any loss of information
  • absence of alternative windows (pop-up or new pages) except where prior warning has been issued to the user
  • use of style sheets to format contents
  • alternative ways of viewing pages for browsers unable to support script, applets or other objects
  • presence of Accesskeys (to activate links using the keyboard or voice commands without use of a mouse) for links to pages from which all sections of the site can be accessed.

When browsing with the “client side scripting” function disabled, the contents remain accessible.

Accesskeys (or Quick Links)

In a web browser an accesskey allows a computer user to immediately jump to a specific part of a web page via the keyboard. Only current generation browsers support this function.
In general, to access this connection, users of PC Windows systems and Internet Explorer should press the ALT key and the key indicated here in the list, followed by the Return key. Users of Firefox, should press the SHIFT key, the ALT key and the key indicated here in the list. Users of Macintosh systems should press the CTRL key and the key indicated here in the list. 

The sections accessible using Accesskeys are:

0 - Home Page (to go back to the homepage) 
1 - Page contents (to jump to the beginning of the current web page)
2 - Site Map (to jump to the Site Map page)
3 - Website Menu (to jump to the main menu: GiroMilano, Travel with ATM, Other Services, The Group, ATM News, Ask ATM, My ATM)
4 - Navigation Menu (to jump to the menu of the current navigation, if present) 
5 - Search (to jump to the Search box)
6 - Header Menu (to jump to the Header Menu: Home, Italiano, Mobile, Widget, RSS, etc.)
7 - Footer Menu (to jump to the Footer Menu: Copyright, Terms and Conditions, etc.)

The keys to be pressed are indicated automatically (as 'Quick Links') when current generation voice synthesizers are used to read the navigation menu.


The following sections of the website do not fully comply with these criteria:
-Home > GiroMilano
-Home > Register
-Home > Other services > Car parks
-Home > The group > Multimedia gallery (www.atm-multimedia.it)
-Home > Working with ATM


The website has been tested on the following browsers: Internet Explorer 7 e 8, Firefox 3, Opera 9, Safari 3, GoogleChrome.


ATM is committed to constantly improving the level of accessibility of all sections of the site. We invite all users to tell us about any problems they encounter and/or make suggestions about browsing and the services offered on-line by writing to web@atm.it