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Cumulative Travel Card for Students 

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Monthly only

To travel frequently between Milan and the towns of the greater Milan area of the SITAM (the zone-based pricing system).
Cumulative tickets are restricted to your chosen route and allow you to travel on the intercity routes of the SITAM.
In the urban area you can use all the ATM network with the urban leg of the intercity routes, the urban rail lines of Trenord and the 'Passante Ferroviario' (Urban Railway Network).

To purchase the travel card you need to request an Electronic Card for Students that costs € 10 and is valid for 4 years.

Price: price varies according to distance/areas (see the attachment at the bottom of the page for details of areas)
Validity: valid for one solar month,  from the 1st to the last day of the month for which the travel card was purchased; valid for unlimited journeys during the course of the month, restricted to the route chosen on purchase.

U* + ½ Zone 41.50 €
U* + 1 Zone 53.00 €
U* + 1 e ½ Zones 61.00 €
U* + 2 Zones 69.00 €
U*+ 2 e ½ Zones 74.00 €
U* + 3 Zones 79.00 €
U* + 3 e ½ Zones 85.00 €
U* + 4 Zones 92.00 €
*U = Urban ticket price

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