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Extraurban Travel Card for Students 

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To travel frequently on extra-urban routes between Milan and the towns of the greater Milan area of SITAM (the zone-based pricing system) without using the internal ring, inside the the 90/91 trolley bus line circle, of Milan urban network.


Tickets are valid on intercity services run by ATM and SITAM companies exclusively on the route chosen on purchase; these tickets may be used on the underground:

  • up to the Loreto station if travelling from Sesto 1° Maggio FS M1 or from Cologno Nord/Gessate M2
  • up to the Lotto station if travelling from Rho Fiera M1
  • up to the Lodi Tibb station if travelling from San Donato M3
  • up to the Romolo station if travellink from Assago Forum M2

To purchase the travel card of your choice you will need to request an Electronic Card for Students that costs € 10 and is valid for 4 years
If you travel frequently on both intercity and city routes, you should purchase a Cumulative Travel Card.

Price: price varies according to distance/areas (see the attachment at the bottom of the page for details of areas)
Validity: valid for one solar month (in other words from the 1st to the last day of the month for which the travel card was purchased); valid for unlimited journeys during the course of the month, restricted to the route chosen on purchase.

1 Zone 30.50 €
1 e ½ Zones 39.00 €     
2 Zones 47.50 €
2 e ½ Zones 52.00 €
3 Zones 57.00 €
3 e ½ Zones 63.00 €
4 Zones 70.00 €
4 e ½ Zones 76.00 €

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