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Self-Service printing machines 

New subscriber? Tessy is your best friend

Tessy is the next generation of self-service machines that allows you to print your subscription card. Tessy is user friendly:

1. Request online a new card
2. Find Tessy, and enter the code you received via email
3. Collect your new card, and you are ready to travel

Meet Tessy in these metro stations

  • Duomo (close to the turnstiles and the ATM Point)
  • Cadorna (in front of ATM Point)
  • Loreto (in front of M1 turnstiles)
  • Garibaldi (close to the turnstiles of M2 line) 
  • Centrale (in front of M2 turnstiles, close to the stairs to railway station)
  • Bisceglie
  • Sesto FS
  • Molino Dorino
  • Cologno Nord
  • Famagosta
  • Gessate
  • Zara 
  • San Donato  

Did you lose the code to print the card?

Retrieve it on this page.

Do you want to subscribe to public transport?

Here's how to do it or you can first take a look at our subscriptions for young people, adults and seniors. 

Say Hello to Tessy

Tessy speaks also in English and greets you with a "Hello" on the display. Here are some snapshots to help you recognize it.

Immagine stampante Tessy Immagine stampante Tessy


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