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We offer various payment options for parking in areas marked by blue lines: the SostaMilano SMS and Parking Meters in the historic centre.

In parking lots you can pay at the ticket machines or approach a member of our staff. We also offer weekly and yearly passes.


ATM has entered into some conventions with companies which manage payment through APPs for IOS, Android and WindowsPhone.
• MyCicero
of Pluservice http://www.mycicero.it/z/mil/index.html  
• Easypark
of Easypark Italia https://www.easyparkitalia.it  
• Telepass Pay of Telepass https://www.telepass.com/it/privati/offerte   

The app can be used to set parking time duration, and to anticipate or delay the time when it ends.
The operators who control parking can check if the correct payment has been made in real time.
The parking fee paid by users through the computer applications of the respective establishments will be held as valid as long as the slip that identifies the establishment used cannot be moved and is displayed clearly inside the vehicle windscreen.

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