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Image of SITAM rings

Fare System 

The SITAM (Transportation Integrated System in the Milan Area) is the zone fare system in force in the Milan metropolitan area, shared by the on-road public transport operators in both Milan Province and Monza and Brianza Province.
According to this,
tickets and passes are subject to a progressive pricing depending on the distance covered.

In compliance with this system, the Municipality of Milan was divided into two rings, one internal and one external to the trolley-bus line no. 90/91, whereas outside the city boundaries the territory was organized into circular concentric areas, each one divided into various parts called zones and semizones (= ½ zone).

In accordance with the above description, travel tickets and passes are divided into:

  • Urban tickets and passes, enabling to travel within Milan boundaries. As to the underground, they are valid as far as the stations of Molino Dorino M1, Sesto Marelli M1, Cascina Gobba M2, Famagosta M2 and Abbiategrasso M2.
    M3 and M5 lines are fully located within the city boundaries. The following stations are excluded from the urban fare; these stations require a suburban or cumulative ticket or pass.
    • line M1: Pero, Rho Fiera, Sesto Rondò and Sesto 1° maggio FS
    • line M2: Cologno Sud, Cologno Centro, Cologno Nord, Vimodrone, Cascina Burrona, Cernusco sul Naviglio, Villa Fiorita, Cassina de’ Pecchi, Bussero, Villa Pompea, Gorgonzola, Cascina Antonietta, Gessate, Assago Milanofiori Nord and Assago Milanofiori Forum
  • Suburban tickets and passes, enabling to travel on the suburban lines between the outer ring of line 90/91 within Milan boundaries and the hinterland destinations and viceversa or just between these. In addition to this, suburban ticket holders are entitled to travel on the following underground network sections:
    • line M1: between Loreto and Sesto FS and between Lotto and Rho Fieramilano;
    • line M2: between Loreto and Gessate/Cologno Nord, between Romolo and Assago Milanofiori Forum and between Abbiategrasso and Assago Milanofiori Forum;
    • line M3: between Lodi TIBB and S. Donato and between Zara and Comasina
    • line M5: between Bignami and Zara
  • Cumulative tickets and passes, enabling to travel between one or more hinterland localities and the whole urban area of Milan.

The suburban and cumulative ticket and pass fares depend on the departure and arrival point and vary according to the number of semizones or areas you need to cross in order to reach your destination. 


Rho Fieramilano
In order to reach Rho Fieramilano from Duomo M1/M3, you need a €2.50 cumulative ticket. Special fares are available such as the € 5.00 return ticket. For further details on the fares in force to reach Rho Fieramilano visit the dedicated page.

Assago Mianofiori Forum
In order to reach Assago Milanofiori Forum from Cadorna M1/M2 you need to buy a €2.50 cumulative ticket.

Sesto 1°maggio FS
In order to reach Sesto 1°maggio FS from Duomo M1/M3, you need to buy a €1.90 cumulative ticket.

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