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Travel on the metro by paying with your contactless card 

A further step in the digital transformation of Milan’s public transport: from today you can travel on the metro by paying easily, fast and safe directly at the ticket gate with Mastercard, Visa, Maestro and VPay contactless cards.

How it works

If you see the symbol )))) on your card it means that it is enabled to contactless payments and it is all you need to take the metro. Look for the orange and grey ticket gate in all metro stations, the card reader is at the top. Always touch in and touch out at the orange gate and use the same card or device for all the journeys you make in a day to make sure you pay the best fare. Remember to always use the same card for each journey you make, both when entering and leaving the station.
If the contactless reader detects more than one contactless card or device, no transaction will take place and the ticket gate will not open. To avoid this, always choose the card you wish to use and touch it on the reader. 

Is that all I need to know?

Yes. It’s easy, you only have to touch your contactless card on the reader when you enter and leave the station. If you don’t touch out when you exit the maximum fare is applied.

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Where you can pay contactless

The service is currently available on the entire metro network and your journey must begin in a metro station. You can also travel on the surface network until the ticket expires.
The service can't be used on the urban rail lines of Trenord and the 'Passante Ferroviario' (Urban Railway Network).
As an example, you can travel for up to 90 minutes from validation if you enter and leave from metro stations located in an urban area. If the journey starts outside urban fare limits, for example from Rho Fiera M1 to Duomo M1/M3, the ticket lasts for 105 minutes from first validation.

Bank card on different devices

Each payment card can be registered on multiple devices. Please make sure you touch in and touch out with the same device when entering and leaving the station.

Payments and controls

During a control by ATM inspectors, just show the payment card used at validation.

Registration to the ATM website

Registration to ATM website is not required for travelling, but by registering on the dedicated page on ATM website you can verify the amount charged.

Card data

Please note that ATM does not keep any of your card data. This new service meets the required contactless payment security standards. Please contact your bank for any information on card activation and operation.





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