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ChiamaBus is the on-demand service operating in the Municipalities of Peschiera Borromeo, Segrate and Vimodrone. This page explains how it works.

Fast connection with with the metro and railway networks

ChiamaBus offers multiple travel options between neighbourhoods and the metro and railway networks. It connects Segrate to its train station but also to the M2 stations of Cascina Gobba, Vimodrone, Cascina Burrona, to the M4 terminus of Linate and to the M3 terminus of San Donato.

No need to change line. Aboard the yellow buses

ChiamaBus takes you from the departure to the arrival bus stop directly, without changing vehicles.

Free schedule: you choose when to travel

ChiamaBus does does not have any scheduled timetables. as is the case with regular buses. It operates at these times:

  • in Peschiera Borromeo Monday through Saturday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.; it does not run on holidays and in August;
  • in Segrate-Vimodrone and in the area shared with Peschiera from Monday to Saturday from 6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., on holidays from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

 Over 100 stops in 3 areas of the Municipalities

  • Peschiera Borromeo → you can move within the orange area and reach the blue area
  • Segrate-Vimodrone → you can move within the green area and reach the blue area
  • Area shared between Peschiera Borromeo and Segrate-Vimodrone → you can move within the blue area and also towards the other two areas

    Look at the 3 areas of coverage


      Book by ChiamaBus app

      scarica su Play store

      scarica da App Store

      Choose departure, arrival and time. The app suggests you the best route by ChiamaBus. Or a journey with public transport routes if available. If all seats are booked, you can enter the waiting list and be notified via SMS up to 24 hours in advance.

       By the app you can

      • book from 7 days in advance and up to half an hour before your trip
      • see your booked rides from the calendar
      • add companions and indicate if the trip is for a person in a wheelchair
      • modify or cancel your reservation
      • set a recurring ride on multiple days
      • view scheduled bus routes in the areas covered       

      Save places as favorites

      Save the departure and arrival addresses of your recurring trips as favorites. It will be easier and faster to make a reservation.

      As an alternative to the app, you can book by phone

      Call 02 4803 4803.

      How to take the bus

      • Buses can be recognized by the color Yellow
      • On the day of travel, one hour before departure, you receive a text message with the arrival time slot at your stop
      • Another text message notifies you when the bus has arrived. The bus always waits about two minutes from the scheduled time, even when it arrives early. For example, if the scheduled departure time is 12, it will always leave at 12.02 even if it arrived early.

      We suggest you to be at the stop a few minutes in advance. If your plans change, please cancel the ride from the app or by dialing 02 4803 4803: you will help us reschedule the service for the other passengers on the ride.

      How to pay Chiamabus

      You can pay with regular tickets or passes, or buy from the ATM app. The same fares apply as for regular buses. You can also pay on board with a credit or debit card: touch-in when you get on the bus and touch-out when you leave the bus (contactless payment is accepted on ATM lines. It is not on S lines, trains or other operators' vehicles). On board ChiamaBus you cannot pay in cash.

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