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Complaints policy  

To safeguard our customers and simultaneously ensure the constant improvement of our services, ATM offers various means through which customers can contact us to make complaints or provide suggestions: an online form, ATM Infoline, and a paper form which can be sent by post or hand-delivered.

The response times are 10 days. The complaints response process forms part of our quality management system, which conforms to UNI EN ISO 9001 and 14001 standards and is subject to periodic evaluation. All data supplied by customers are processed in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, no. 196: Code governing the protection of personal data.

Contacting ATM Online

An online form is available for customers to contact ATM with complaints and suggestions.
To provide an even greater guarantee of the rapidity of our response processes, ATM invites customers who chose to contact us online to make exclusive use of the Customer Relations Office email address provided on the form, and to avoid using other ATM email addresses.

Contacting ATM By Phone

Customers can make complaints or provide suggestions using our Infoline 02.48.607.607, operational every day from 7.30 am to 7.30 pm. Whenever possible we will give you an immediate answer; if further investigations are needed, you may ask ATM to contact you by leaving your contact details with our operator.

Contacting ATM By Post

Customers can contact ATM with complaints or suggestions via post a Customer Notification form to our Customer Care Office. Customer Notification forms are available at all ATM Points.

The form has been specially designed to facilitate customers in supplying their data and at the same time to make the process of collecting and processing data by ATM faster and more uniform. This is why we invite customers who choose to contact us in writing to use this form. We also accept complaints and suggestions made on plain paper on the condition that the sender’s first and last names and address are clearly specified and, for complaints, that the event in question is described in detail.

To ensure that these response times are met, ATM invites customers who choose to contact us by post or fax to make exclusive use of the numbers and addresses provided below and to avoid using those of other company offices which are not qualified to respond.

Complaints and suggestions by post should be sent to:
ATM S.p.A. - Ufficio Relazione con i clienti
ATM Point Stazione Metropolitana Duomo
Piazza Duomo
20121 MILANO 

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