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Doing business with ATM 

To make the most of our facilities and company know how, we have decided to complement our core business with other commercial activities, managed internally or in collaboration with other companies.

Commercial Spaces

If you wish to open a retail business you can take advantage of the large numbers of passengers using the underground and open your shop inside a station.

Advertising Spaces

If you wish to advertise on public transport vehicles, in underground stations or at bus stops, in park and ride car parks, along our tram and trolley bus lines or in the busiest areas of Milan, you can choose between static, dynamic and video advertisements.

Vehicle Rental

You can hire historic trams and organize parties “on the move”, company events and birthday parties, or make your wedding day truly special. For children we have a special tram known as the Tramito.


Two fully renovated “carrello” trams have been turned into real restaurants with a refined retro atmosphere. Lovingly designed down to the tiniest details of their furnishings, menus and wine lists, ATMosfera is used not only by citizens and tourists, but also by companies as a location for official company dinners and events.

Tourist Services

MaTM was established thanks to our partnership agreements with leading companies in the tourism sector as a joint venture between our company and other operators to offer tours of Milan for tourists: shuttle services between hotels, companies and other places in the city and places of interest such as airports, trade fair facilities, train and underground stations; special shuttle and transfer services to places inside Italy and abroad. Go to the City Tour and Sightseeing pages

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