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Night network: the service as from 9th January 

Night network service changes are in effect as from 9th January.

The following lines operate all nights:
  • M1 replacement line;
  • M2 replacement line;
  • M3 replacement line;
  • 90/91 trolley bus line.
The following lines operate in the nights between Fridays and Saturday as well as Saturdays and Sundays and in the nights before the midweek holidays:
  • N6 Cadorna FN M1/M2-Centrale FS M2/M3;
  • N15 Gratosoglio-San Babila M1;
  • N24 Vigentino-Duomo M1/M3;
  • N27 viale Ungheria-San Babila M1;
  • N42 Bicocca-Centrale FS M2/M3;
  • N50 Lorenteggio-Cairoli M1;
  • N54 Lambrate FS M2-Duomo M1/M3;
  • N57 Quarto Oggiaro-Cairoli M1;
  • N80 Quinto Romano-De Angeli M1;
  • N94 Porta Volta-Cadorna FN M1/M2.
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