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Rental of historical tram 

History and tradition characterize our trams, which we rent out for any need of individuals, groups and companies, for private, commercial or institutional initiatives.

They consist in trams from the 20s and 30s, brought back to the original conditions, circulating throughout Milan’s tram network.

The prices shown below refer only to the rental of the tram without additional services and are solely valid for occasional tourist services.
It is possible to provide other types of rental (e.g. advertising, shooting, film shooting, press events, and so on). On request we can give information on the rates.

Historic trams available and examples of services offered

Historical Tram 609

immagine tram 609

Number of seated places: 22
Number of standing places: 20
Fare for three hours (from depot to depot): 510.00 € (VAT 10% included)

Historical Tram 1503

immagine tram 1503

Number of seated places: 47
Number of standing places: 20
Fare for three hours (from depot to depot): 550.00 € (VAT 10% included). 

Historical tram 1794

Number of seated places: 44
Number of standing places: 20
Fare for three hours (from depot to depot): 550.00 € (VAT 10% included).

Generic Tram, model K35, with electricity plugs

The following trams are purely indicative examples, which do not oblige us in any measure regarding the bookings.

immagine k35
immagine tram 1723

Number of seated places: 29
Number of standing places: 30
Fares for three hours (from depot to depot):
510.00 € (10% VAT included) for the tram with electrical power outlets

TraMito, the children’s tram

Aboard TraMito, the Tram born exclusively for children, you may celebrate a birthday or some other anniversary in a thoroughly original way.
The tram becomes an opportunity to make the city known to the little ones in a funny and educational manner by customizing the tram, including by providing on-board entertainers

immagine Tramito

Number of seated places: 39
Number of standing places: 10
Fare for three hours (from depot to depot): 450,00 € (VAT 10% included)


For information and reservations

The booking must be received at least 20 days prior to the relevant date. The request for information must be necessarily sent in writing by e-mail to: tramstorici@atm.it

Affitto tram storici
ATM S.p.A.
Servizi trasporti commerciali
Foro Buonaparte 61 – 20121 Milano
e-mail: tramstorici@atm.it 

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