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About Sitam, the zone based pricing  


What is SITAM
SITAM is the zone-based pricing system used in the Milan and greater Milan area by our company.
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How does the pricing system work?

Intercity and cumulative tickets and travel cards are priced progressively depending on the distance travelled. 
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How many different prices are there and what are they?

Prices vary depending on the number of zones or semi-zones crossed or depending on the area.
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What are zones and semi-zones?
Milan has been divided into two rings (inner and outer of the 90/91 trolley bus line). The area around Milan is divided in concentric circular rings splitted in "zones", "semi-zones" (half zones) and Areas (group zones). 
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What are areas?
The rings used to subdivide the Milan area are grouped into concentric areas

  • Small Area 
  • Medium Area 
  • Large Area
  • Plus 1 Area 
  • Intercity Area
  • Outer Area

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When are prices calculated according to the zones or semi-zones crossed?
Standard tickets, weekly 2x6 tickets and monthly student travel cards are priced according to the number of semi-zones crossed.
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When are prices calculated according to areas? 
Prices are calculated according to areas in case of use of intercity and cumulative tickets and travel cards.
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