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Gioia Maria Ghezzi

Board of Directors

Oliviero Baccelli
Stefano Pareglio
Elisabetta Pistis
Fabio Spinelli

Board of Auditors

Antonella Andreina Conti
Margherita Molinari 
Monica Rossana Bellini
Maurizio Bocca 

General Manager

Arrigo Giana




Diana D’Alterio 

Data Protection Officer

Ignazio Baltimora

Control, Budget and Administration

Patrizia Samoggia 
Strategy and Company Planning - General Manager Staff

Paolo Marchetti  
External Affairs and Traffic Info

Laura La Ferla

Finance, Tax, Insurance and Risk Management

Germana Montroni  

Human Resources, Organization and general Affairs


Safety, Prevention, Environment and Quality

Giorgio Andrea Stelluti

Purchasing and Call for Tenders

Alessandro Martinoli

Operations and Fare Programming

Marco Pivi  

Systems Technology and Travel Documents Production

Roberto Andreoli  

Commercial and Marketing Activities

Luca Migliore

Operations Manager
Alberto Zorzan

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