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M4: passenger service information 

In this page you will find information about M4 line, the new driverless metro in Milan.

Stations and accessibility services

The new line operates among these stations: Linate Airport, Repetti, Stazione Forlanini, Argonne, Susa, Dateo. All stations are equipped with lifts and escalators. People with disabilities can check out this page to find more information.


From Monday to Sunday, M4 service is operated from 6 am to 9 pm.
First and last departures from Linate and Dateo stations are scheduled at 6 am and 9 pm. From November 26th timetables will be available on this website and on ATM mobile app.

Connections at M4 stations

  • Linate airport: line 73 to San Felicino, line 923
  • Repetti: lines 27, 45, 73
  • Forlanini Station: suburban trains S5, S6, S9, lines 27, 45, 54, 73
  • Argonne: lines 38, 45, 54, 93
  • Susa: lines 38, 54, 90, 91
  • Dateo: suburban trains S1, S2, S5, S6, S13, lines 54, 61, 60, 62, 92.

Connections between M4, S trains and the rest of the metro network

Change at Dateo with S trains and get off:

  • at Porta Venezia > to continue the journey on metro line M1
  • at Repubblica > to continue the journey on metro line M3
  • at Porta Garibaldi > to continue the journey on metro lines M2 and M5

Change at Forlanini station with S9 trains and get off:

  • at Sesto San Giovanni > to continue the journey on metro line M1
  • at Lambrate or Romolo > to continue the journey on metro line M2
  • at Porta Romana FS > to continue the journey on metro line M3

From Linate to exhibition and congress venues

  • To Fieramilano exhibition district: M4 to Dateo + S trains to Rho Fiera railway station
  • To Allianz Mico congress centre: M4 to Dateo + S trains to Porta Garibaldi + M5 to Portello. Or M4 to Dateo + S trains to Porta Venezia + M1 to Lotto

Tickets and passes

You need a 2,20 € ticket (M1-Mi3 zones) to travel between Linate airport and Milan, as well as a urban pass.
Tickets and passes are also accepted to travel on S trains and the ATM network.
More information about fares and zones on this page.

Travel on the metro by paying with your contactless card 

You can pay as you go with contactless credit and debit cards on all metro lines. Touch in and touch out at the orange gates and use the same device (how it works).

Cycles on public transport

All passengers can carry their own cycle on metro M4. Click here to find transport conditions.

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