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ATM Milano Official App 

The ATM Milano Official App will be given an upgrade with an updated design making it easier to purchase tickets and integrating information for simpler, quicker and more sustainable travel around the city. The new version of the app will contain all those functions necessary when using Milan’s public transport system, as well as information about car-sharing services and travelling by bike.

The official ATM app will become Milan’s main integrated mobility platform allowing you to purchase tickets via credit card or text message and combining ATM public transport means with real-time information on railway stations and airports, car-sharing vehicles, BikeMi and cycle-paths.

The new ATM Milano Official App home page has been designed to improve and simplify users experiences as you can access all the most important functions and contents of the application from a single page. Even the side-bar has been reorganised and updated making it quicker and easier to use. 

 Home ATM Milano    

The new home page also includes quick access to all most-used functions such as geo-localisation, routes, lines, ticket search and purchase, as well as real-time information on metro status, how long before your validated ticket expires, tweets, traffic info, the metro network map and other contents for travelling on ATM transport.

This new version is the first step towards a full upgrade aimed at combining services dedicated to integrated mobility, personalising the app and increasing the functions available in the reserved area.

Here is a list of the functions available in this new release:

Personalised home page, so that you can move contents and real time information depending on your personal needs.

Around, to find on the map all points of interest such as: metro, bus, tram and trolleybus stations with waiting times and timetables; BikeMi collection points with information on bikes and collection points available; Car-Sharing cars telling you the make of car and how much fuel is left and connecting you directly for reservations; ticket sales points with opening times; car parks with free spaces available; railway stations and airports with real-time information on arrivals and departures, ATM points, cycle-paths and parking meters. You can save all these places of interest to your favourites or use them as the departure and destination points for a trip.

Routes, to calculate the itineraries starting from where you are, or choosing a stop or any other point of interest saved among your favourites. For each search you will be given different itineraries that may be modified by changing your travel options or the timetable on the first page of this section.

Lines, to view the entire route of one or other lines contemporarily on the map and follow the list of stops.

Search, to look for a starting point from which to explore the places of interest on the map or start a route.

Favourites, to save your most frequently used stops, addresses and points of interest and to choose what to see on the home page.
Stops, to look for a stop writing the name or code found on the shelters and sign holders.

Metro, to view the metro network map and check regularity of the metro lines.

Tickets, to purchase your ticket via credit card, save them in your reserved area and - once validated – see when they expire… all directly from your personal home page. Here you can also choose to purchase tickets via text with no need to register, directly debited to your telephone credit (more information below).

Radiobus di Quartiere, reserve the service

ATM Point, to check in advance the number of people waiting and acquire your virtual ticket.

News, for all your traffic news in real time through Twitter, all information on route deviations from Infotraffico and much, much more on ATM Informa.

Information, to learn more about all ATM services regarding tickets, season tickets, car parks and more.

Guide to purchasing and using tickets

On ATM Milano Official app tickets can be purchased in one of two ways:

  • By credit card or via a PayPal account to purchase, save and use the ordinary tickets and daily passes. To access this service you can use the same information entered on the ATM site. 
  • By SMS, giving you an immediately valid ticket charged to your telephone account, including both the cost of the ticket as well as the text message which will vary depending on your operator.
    For information and fees visit mobilepay.it. The service is available for Italian SIMs only.

For metro, bus tram or trolley bus journeys you must validate your ticket or send the text before starting your journey.
To enter and exit the metro station you must open the special turnstile using the QR code that you will be sent upon validation and follow these instructions:
- place your phone vertically at about 5cm from the scanner
- ensure your screen is clean and not damaged 

You must validate the ticket each time you enter the metro in order to receive a new QR which will open the turnstiles. Alternatively, you can print your tickets at the automatic machines choosing the section "Tickets with PIN number/Passenger name record code" and inserting the alphanumeric code found on the ticket page of the app under “Passenger name record”. The printed ticket will have the same expiry time. 

If asked to show your ticket to a controller, make sure you have the valid ticket showing on the installed app, or present your paper ticket if printed off.

Attention: if, after validating a ticket, you reinstall or update the app this will cause you to lose said validated ticket.

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