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ATM Milano Official App 

ATM Milano is the only official app of Azienda Trasporti Milanesi S.p.A. and allows you to move around the city, buy tickets and renew your passes.

The services available through ATM Milano Official App are:
- Near you: to find on the map ATM stops, railway stations, parking, ATM Points, parking meters, ticket resales and other places of interest such as airports, BikeMi stands and cycling lanes.
- Journeys: to calculate routes with public transport.
- Lines: to view the route, stops, schedule and waiting times for one or more lines.
- Tickets: to buy, store and use all single, daily and carnet tickets for Mi1-Mi9 fares. In this section, you can also buy tickets via SMS without registration or by direct debit on your phone credit (for more information visit the section “Instructions”).
- Passes: to store one or more electronic cards, receive notifications on expiry dates and to renew your pass in few steps (for more information visit the section “Instructions”).
- Favorites: to save the stops, addresses and places of interest used more frequently and choose how to view them in the home page.
- Search: to look for an address, a stop or a place.
- Stops: to look for a stop by writing its name or reference number.
- Metro: to check service updates and to view the map of the metro network.
- ATM Point and Infopoint Area B/C: to book an appointment selecting the service, day and hour.
- Radiobus di Quartiere: to book the service and to monitor the status of your bookings.
- News: to read news regarding the service and other activities by ATM.
- Information and Fare System: to learn about all services by ATM regarding tickets, passes, parking and much more.

Buy tickets and renew your pass.

With the app ATM Milano, you can:
- purchase ordinary tickets for zone Mi1-Mi3 via SMS
- purchase with your credit card ordinary, daily and carnet tickets for all fares from Mi1 to Mi9
- store one or more electronic cards to renew your pass and receive notifications with reminders about expiry dates
download receipts of your passes

Tickets via SMS

Via SMS you can purchase:
- a ticket Mi1-Mi3 for 2,20 Euro texting “ATM” to the number 48444
To the cost of the ticket you need to add the cost of the SMS, which varies depending on your mobile operator (check it on mobilepay.it). The total cost (ticket + SMS) will be debited on your account or phone credit.
The ticket must be purchased before boarding an ATM, its validation starts at the time of purchase and lasts 90 minutes.
With the ticket received via SMS you can access urban overground lines (bus, tram, filobus) without further action. To enter the metro you can follow the link that you will find in the SMS: a new page will open with the QR Code, with the validity and cost, that you will use by putting your phone in front of the reader on the dedicated turnstiles. For each access to the metro you will need to validate you ticket to receive a new QR code.

Alternatively, you can print the magnetic ticket at the automatic machines inside metro stations pushing the button “ticket with SMS” in the section “Tickets with PIN/PNR code,” and entering the PNR code that you will find in the SMS. The printed ticket will have the remaining validity based on the time of validation reported in the SMS. The validation date is indicated also on the upper side of the paper ticket. If your ticket has expired, it will not be possible to print it.
For information, costs and authorized mobile operators visit mobilepay.it.

Tickets bought with credit card

To buy tickets with your credit card you must login into the app through a new registration or using the credentials for the ATM website.
After the access select “Buy tickets with credit card” to buy in few taps ordinary and daily tickets for all fares from Mi1 to Mi9.
On the first page you can choose to buy immediately a ticket Mi1-Mi3, or choose another fare tapping on “Enter the fare Mi1-Mi9”. 


To purchase the ticket you need to select the first and second part of the fare e check that the colored zones on the map are those of the ticket you want to buy.
After having selected the fare, you need to choose the ticket and then select the quantity.
In your check-out page you can pay for your tickets or add tickets of different types and fares, with the same procedure.

Storage, use of tickets and access to turnstiles with QR code

All your tickets will be stored in the area “Tickets available”, after purchase, whereas validated tickets will be stored in the area “Tickets in use” and expired ones will be in the area “Used tickets”.
Remember that to access metro stations and board a bus, tram and filobus, you need to select a ticket and validate it before getting on board.
To access metro stations, you need to open the turnstiles using the QR code with the readers available on fitted entrances. To facilitate the reading of the QR code do not rotate your smartphone horizontally and keep it at least 5 centimeters (2 inches) from the reader.

To exit or re-enter the metro station you need to validate again your ticket in use on the app. Alternatively, you can print the ticket at the automatic machines entering the alphanumeric PNR code: the printed ticket will show the time left on it. Remember to keep your ticket till the end of its validity.

: reinstalling or updating the app after validating a ticket will cause the loss of the travel document in use.
Passengers that have an expired ticket, or with the incorrect fare, to exit the station will need to buy a valid exit ticket from the automatic machines inside the turnstile barriers. The exit tickets are only valid to exit the station where they have been purchased and do not allow to continue the journey on the ATM network. Who is found without a valid travel document or an exit ticket already purchased will be fined.


During checks passengers must show the valid ticket inside the app installed on their smartphone or the paper ticket in case the latter has been printed.
If the smartphone switches off during the validity period of your ticket and it is not possible to check your possession of a valid travel document, you will be fined.

Validity of ticket fare Mi1-Mi3
With the Mi1-Mi3 3-zone fare, within the 90-minutes validity, it is possible to travel across the whole city of Milan and the 21 municipalities of the Mi3 zone and with the metro till the terminal stations of Rho Fieramilano on the Line 1 and Assago Milanofiori Forum on the Line 2, which required a higher fare on the old fare-system.


To purchase a pass it is necessary to first add to your app the electronic card entering the identification number, the card serial number and the Codice Fiscale of the card holder.


After having saved the card, it is possible to renew the last pass purchased directly from the main page of the area “Purchase travel cards”, or it is possible to enter the page “Card” to check the history of your purchases or buy a new pass.

BEWARE: an image of the electronic card is not valid as a travel document on public transport or in case of checks.

To purchase a pass tap on “Purchase pass” and select the fare most suitable to your needs among “Urban” and one of the several fares in the zones Mi1 and Mi9. After having selected the zones you can zoom on the map to ensure that the colored zones are those required.
After choosing the fare zone, you need to select the pass duration among weekly, monthly or yearly and the duration where you can see the start date and the expiry date of your pass.
In this last step you can verify you have selected the correct pass and, then, after ticking the policy, you will be able to pay with your credit card, PayPal or Satispay.

Remember that after purchasing the pass on the app, to travel on ATM public network it is necessary to activate it at totems in all metro stations or at Parking Meters.

Activation on totem in metro stations.

Watch the tutorial for the pass activation on Parking Metres on YouTube.

The app is not valid in the case of checks during which you will always have to show your electronic card with an active and valid travel document.

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