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Night Service 


The following lines operate all nights:
  • M1 replacement line;
  • M2 replacement line;
  • M3 replacement line;
  • M4 replacement line; 
  • 90/91 trolley bus line.
The following lines operate in the nights between Fridays and Saturday as well as Saturdays and Sundays and in the nights before the midweek holidays:
  • N6 Cadorna FN M1 M2 - Centrale FS M2 M3;
  • N15 Gratosoglio - Duomo M1 M3;
  • N24 Vigentino - Duomo M1 M3;
  • N27 Viale Ungheria - Duomo M1 M3;
  • N42 Bicocca - Centrale FS M2 M3; 
  • N50 Lorenteggio - Cairoli M1;
  • N54 Lambrate FS M2 - Dateo M4;
  • N57 Quarto Oggiaro - Cairoli M1;
  • N80 Quinto Romano - De Angeli M1; 
  • N94 Porta Volta - Cadorna FN M1 M2  

A single ticket lasts all night long

On the Night Service routes, you can use tickets and season passes normally used on the ATM network. Single urban tickets punched after midnight are valid until 6am every day of the week; those punched after 4:30am are valid for 90 minutes. During this time, the tickets can only be used for one metro journey.
Tickets can be purchased day or night in the parking meters found throughout the city which issue tickets at a charge of € 1.50 and can be used on journeys undertaken above ground: if purchased between 12:30am and 4:30am they are valid until 6:00am, if purchased after 4:30am they are valid for 90 minutes from issue.

Visit GiroMilano and our applications for the routes, stops and timetables.

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