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Theme of the best tasting typical local Italian

Every Saturday from 07.30 p.m. to 08.30 p.m., you can enjoy typical dishes of traditional Italian regional cuisine, accompanied by selected Italian wines, presented by experts in the trade. The ATMosfera tram restaurant awaits you in piazza Castello, where it will drop you off at the end of the session.

The tasting session will combine the charcuterie of Emilia and Abruzzo regions. The latter region will present also its cheeses.
These are superlative masterpieces of mountain dairymen who work the raw ewe’s and goat’s milk. They are served in New York, in the Robert De Niro’s restaurant, and in Chicago, by Tony Capuano, the chef preferred by President Barack Obama. All this will be completed by the ewe’s “Canestrato” cheese of Castel del Monte, a “Slow Food” Presidium, which is produced at the height of 1,400 meters, under the Gran Sasso mountains.
The charcuterie products will be a mix of different origins. We will start with the Strolghino salami and bacon coming from Emilia region, then we will taste the liver sausage, the Capocollo and the Ventricina from the Vastese area in Abruzzo region.
At the end of the degustation, a chestnut Bavarian cream will be served.

The wines: food will be accompanied by two “3-glasses-awarded” wines, selected from the “Gambero Rosso Guide”: the Ligurian Vermentino for the cheeses and the Montepulciano for the charcuterie.

The tastings will have a price of € 45,00 per person; for information and reservations: Toll free number 800.80.81.81 (dialing from Italy).

 Download pdf Presentation of the dishes

Menu available from 25th September

The charcuterie from Emilia and Abruzzo Regions

Strolghino and Bacon of the Alta Val Di Parma, Liver Sausage, Capocollo from L’Aquila and Ventricina of the Vastese area

Abruzzo red Wine of Montepulciano Grapes (it was awarded “3 Glasses” by the Guide “Vini d’Italia” of the Gambero Rosso)

The great cheeses from Central Italy: Abruzzo Region

Juniper- or Onion-flavoured Ricotta , Goat’s Raw Milk Cheese, Brigantaccio (Biologic Ewe’s Raw Milk Cheese), Muffato (Biologic Ewe’s Raw Milk Cheese) and Ewe’s Cheese Canestrato of Castel del Monte (a “Slow Food” Presidium)

Ligurian white Wine of Vermentino Grapes (it was awarded “3 Glasses” by the Guide “Vini d’Italia” of the Gambero Rosso)


Chestnut Bavarian Cream


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