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Public transport in Milan: how to subscribe 

Are you ready to get on board? What you need to know first

Passes allow you to travel throughout the ATM transport network without limit to the number of journeys. They are loaded onto an electronic card which is valid for 4 years, costs € 10 upon issue and can be requested online. Passes can be purchased through the ATM official app or in your personal area.

3 easy steps to request an ATM electronic card online

  1. Log in to Reserved area and select “Request a new card”. Keep your Codice Fiscale close at hand (you will be asked to enter your Italian social security code number)
  2. Choose one delivery option:
    • to your home address in the provinces of Milan and Monza. You can have it delivered in about 10 days. If you want to load a pass for the next month, please remember to request your electronic card no later than the 20th of the current month. 
    • to self-service printing machines located in Duomo and Garibaldi stations. You only need to enter the data we have sent you by email and your travel card will be instantly issued. 
  3. Pay by credit card, PayPal or Satispay to get a blank electronic card or a card with a travel pass already loaded onto it.

How much does it cost to have your card delivered at home?

Shipping costs amount to € 5. 

Other ways to request an ATM card

  • ATM Points. Book your appointment via ATM official app

  • all authorized resellers (bars, newsstands, etc.)

How to load and renew a travel pass

Once issued, your electronic card can be loaded with one of the travel passes available on our app (for both iOs and Android). Sing up and register your card. Alternatively, you can manage all passes in your personal area on atm.it or even buy a travel pass from the ticket vending machines located in all metro stations or at the authorized resellers.

Traveling within the urban area of Milan (Mi1 zone)

To travel within the urban area of Milan (Mi1 zone) you can choose from these 4 options:

  • monthly pass for under 27: € 22
  • annual pass for under 27: € 200
  • ordinary monthly pass: € 39
  • ordinary annual pass: € 330

These travel passes are valid for the ATM transport network, suburban public transport lines and Trenord rail lines operating within the Integrated Fare System (STIBM) area (download the network map here).

Metro stations within the urban fare limits: Molino Dorino and Sesto Marelli on line M1, Cascina Gobba and Famagosta on line M2.

Travel between Milan and its suburbs

In order to reach the suburban areas from Milan city centre, a suburban pass must be purchased depending on the number of zones travelled (from Mi1 up to Mi9 zones).
Go to https://nuovosistematariffario.atm.it/en/ and select Zones and fares tables from the menu to see all the travel passes available (annual or monthly passes for young people under 26; weekly, monthly or annual ordinary passes).

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