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Electronic Card for Senior Citizens 

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Requesting Your Card

If you wish to purchase a travel card for use on ATM routes and do not yet have an electronic card, you should go to whichever of the following outlets is most convenient: any ATM Point, any outlet located in the underground or one of our authorized outlets outside Milan (bars, newsstands, tobacconists, stationers). You will need to bring a passport photograph, a valid ID and your Italian social security number. At the outlet please collect a Card Request Form which must be completed in full and handed in with a declaration stating that you are a Milan citizen.
For information on where to purchase electronic cards and where to recharge them, please go to the Where to Buy Travel Cards page. 

Collecting Your Card

You should collect your card from the same ATM Point or outlet at which you presented your request. Cards are issued immediately at ATM Points. If you request your card at an authorized outlet, your card will be ready after 15 days. In the latter case, you will need to present your request receipt.

Validity and Cost

The electronic card is valid for 4 years and costs € 10

Recommendations and Regulations for Use

The electronic card resembles a credit card in appearance and properties. As such it should be handled and stored with care; the card should not be bent, pierced or placed near sources of electromagnetic radiation. Cards are strictly personal and not be used by others.

For the correct use of electronic cards on overground vehicles and on the underground please consult our FAQs on how to use the SBME (Magnetic and Electronic Ticketing system).
Passengers not in possession of the valid card are liable to the fines specified in the regulations in force. 

Charging Your Card

When issued, the card is “empty” and should be charged with your chosen travel card. You can charge your card at ATM Points, at the ticket machines found in all underground stations and at authorized outlets overground. To know the list of outlets, please go to the Where to Buy Travel Cards page.
If you purchase a monthly travel card you may charge your card up to the 14th of the month, whilst from the 15th of the month onwards you may charge your card with a travel card for the following month. You can charge your card with a maximum of 4 months at a time.

Renewing Expired Cards

When the 4 year validity period of your electronic card has lapsed, you will need to renew it at an ATM Point by displaying valid ID.
Renewing electronic cards costs € 10.

Validating Your Card When Travelling

At the start of your journey and every time you change vehicle, you should swipe your card on the electronic card reader on board overground vehicles and at the ticket barriers in the underground.

What To Do If Your Card is Stolen or Lost

To obtain a new card please go to an ATM Point with valid ID. If your card is stolen you should present a police report; if you lose your card you will need to fill in the lost card declaration form available at ATM Points and hand it to our staff.
In both cases, there is a charge of  € 15 for the issue of a new card.

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