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Top up ticket 

RicaricaMi is the new top up ticket that will replace the old ones. The fares do not change. Old tickets may be used until November 30th.

No more single-use tickets

  • RicaricaMi has no extra costs.
  • It can be bought the first time and recharged at the automatic machines or at retailers
  • Do not insert it into the slots for old tickets. Just touch in on the new readers in the metro stations and on board trams, buses and trolleybuses

In a single RicaricaMi you can load

  • up to 30 ordinary tickets, with the same fare
  • up to 5 carnets (10 tickets each)
  • maximum one daily ticket or one three-day ticket

Many tickets in one, with the same fare

You can load many tickets to travel in all zones: from Mi1 to Mi9. You cannot load different fares simultaneously. To load a different fare, you must first use up any tickets already loaded (for example: if RicaricaMi contains 5 Mi1-Mi3 tickets, they must all be used up before loading a Mi1-Mi5 ticket. However, other Mi1-Mi3 tickets can be loaded).

Where to top up the new RicaricaMi

  • At automatic ticket machines and at newsstands in the metro (automatic ticket machines in M4 stations are cashless only)
  • At retailers
  • RicaricaMi cannot be bought or topped up at ATM Points

How to know how many tickets are loaded on RicaricaMi

  • At metro turnstiles: while validating, the reader shows you how many tickets are left
  • On board buses, trams or trolleybuses: touch the Information button on the reader and touch in
  • At metro automatic ticket machines: bring the ticket close to the reader
  • At retailers: the retailer can tell you how many tickets are left

Validating RicaricaMi: touch in, do not insert

To validate the ticket, touch in on the new readers. Do not insert it into the slots for old single-use tickets.

Avoid card clash

  • The same reader can read top up tickets, travel passes, credit cards, debit cards, watches and smartphones.
  • To avoid unwanted charges, only touch in with the ticket, pass or device you want to use. Do not place bags, backpacks or wallets containing different credit cards.

The top up ticket cannot be used by different people simultaneously

RicaricaMI is not nametagged, but cannot be transferred to other people making the same journey with you.

Old tickets will expire on November 30th

If you have already purchased any single-use tickets, you can use them until November 30th.

Is the new ticket accepted on the lines managed by other operators?

RicaricaMi is accepted on the lines managed by other transport operators in the territory of the Integrated Fare System, including Trenord. The methods for validating the ticket and for checks may vary from one operator to the other.

Can the metro turnstiles read Trenord tickets?

Yes. Trenord tickets cannot be topped up at ATM retailers and automatic ticket machines.

Why can't I recharge tickets with different fares?

Because you cannot choose which ticket to use upon validation. The system automatically scales the tickets.

How do inspectors verify if I paid for the ticket?

Show the ticket to the inspectors. They can verify its validation from their handheld device.

What happens if the ticket expires while I'm travelling?

As with old tickets, the metro turnstile does not let you out if the ticket has expired or is not valid in the zone you are in. You must buy a special exit ticket from the automatic ticket machine located before the turnstiles.

Can I buy an empty ticket?

No, you can't.

Is the new RicaricaMi ticket visible in my personal area on atm.it?

No. RicaricaMi is anonymous, like single-use tickets.

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