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ATMosfera: elegance, taste and tradition

In the wonderful set of the Sforzesco Castle, ATM proposes a special itinerary where the pleasure of the palate combines with the beauty of traveling in the heart of Milan.
The two historic trams, called ATMosfera, are the first itinerant restaurants in Italy.

The Trams

The ATMosfera trams are the result of careful design work, restyling and modernization of the oldest streetcars in Milan.
The inner space was optimized to obtain the best possible comfort, while maintaining the original structure of the carriage. Tables were remodeled from the original teak benches to produce a total of 24 fixed places, divided into 4 tables for 4 people on the left and 4 tables for 2 people on the right. There is also a kitchen, wardrobe and toilet on board.

You can obtain information on the amount of space between tables and chairs, the table layout and the entrance step height by clicking here.

For information on the measures of the restaurant tram click on the image.
atmosfera measures

Regarding animals, considering the above indicated sizes of the tram and especially the long stay of all guests on board the vehicle, we do not allow their presence during the service.

We do this first and foremost in their defense: they should bear a lot of uncomfortableness and would probably not even allow their masters to spend a carefree evening.

The catering

The proposed meat, fish and vegetarian menus, which are updated periodically to ensure the freshness and seasonality of the products, are the work of an accomplished chef who is always on board.
The wine list offers a choice of selected labels, privileging the quality and food pairing proposed.
The choice of menu must be indicated when booking, and can be changed up to 74 hours from the date of service by visiting the "Your booking" section of the booking on line site.

Please indicate any allergies or food intolerances when booking

The itinerary

The ATMosfera tram restaurants welcome you every night, upon reservation, in Piazza Castello n.2 (at the corner with Via Luca Beltrami – underground stops Cairoli M1 or Cadorna M1 – M2) and they accompany you during your meal to visit important places in historical and contemporary Milan. In addition to Duomo and center of Milan, you can admire the modern Porta Nuova area, where the new Milano’s Skyline stands, with the "vertical forest", a striking contrast to the historic buildings of Milan, for example the Arco della Pace, the Teatro alla Scala , Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and the dock, also famous for its "movida". Castello Sforzesco, immersed in its special atmosphere, is the perfect background for the departure and arrival of the ATMosfera trams, in a historic setting that is among the most suggestive in our territory.

The proposed itineraries vary periodically in both directions according to the road system, and also to offer different views of Milan every time.

The service 

Our two ATMosfera trams are active by reservation all year round 7 days a week.
The traditional dinner service starts at 20.00 (ATMosfera 1 tram) and at 20.30 (ATMosfera 2 tram) and from Sunday 5 June, the Sunday lunch service will also be active at 13.00, the events last about 2 and a half hours .
The appointment in Piazza Castello 2 is always scheduled a quarter of an hour before the departure of the trams, which will take place punctually at the indicated time, as the cars will not be able to stop further.

It is possible to reserve seats for 2 or multiples of 2, up to 8 people maximum (this number of people corresponds to the accepted limit of seats for bookings traceable to the same client); for higher numbers of guests we suggest you to book the entire tram in exclusive use (which is available at lunchtime as well), through the dedicated section of our online booking platform.


Reservation must be made using the booking on line site, where you can view the calendar dates available up to a maximum of 75 days in advance.
You should also consult the date on the site to check for any last-minute availability.
Reservations can be made for 2 or multiples of 2. An odd number of seats can only be reserved if making last minute bookings (from 7 days to 74 hours before the date of the meal).

Changes and cancellations

By accessing the booking on line site in the "Your booking" section, you can modify or cancel your request using the following policies:

Up to 7 days before the chosen service:

- you can modify your menus;
- you can change the date for free according to the date availability, by selecting the new date in the calendar of the current year;
- the number of the participants can be decreased by 2 or multiples of 2, on the basis of the availability of the tables. For the cancelled seats you will receive a refund equal to 70% of the original amount paid;
- you can completely cancel your reservation and you will receive a refund equal to 70% of the original amount paid.

from 7 days to 74 hours from the chosen service: 

- You can still change the menu;
- you can even reduce the number of participants, but you are not entitled to any refund;
- you can even cancel your reservation, but you are not entitled to any refund;

74 hours or more after booking, the selected service can no longer be changed.

Prices, payment methods and access to trams

The price of each DINNER cover is 80 € (VAT included) per person regardless of the chosen menu, and includes a four-course dinner with a welcome drink and forfeit of drinks included (a bottle of wine for every two people, mineral water and coffee).

Once payment has been made successfully, a voucher is issued, the only document that allows boarding.

ATMosfera in exclusive

You can book the whole tram exclusively for any time of day and any occasion (lunch, dinner).
The exclusive rental allows you to have ATMosfera entirely dedicated to your needs. Trams are fully customizable by choosing the times, the route, the length of service and the menu you want for the occasion.

For information and quotes click here


For bookings:

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