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Hearing Impaired 

On this page, you will find a very brief summary of the main information on services for people with hearing disabilities.

If you have a hearing aid or a helper, you can use our
Infoline +39 02 48 607 607.

On the underground

Visual notification of travel document validation
When you validate your ticket at the entry barrier, a message will appear on the electronic magnetic reader display indicating whether you have properly validated your ticket.

The displays indicating the destination of the train arriving and the waiting time are installed on:

  • the mezzanine floor
    • the M1 Line: Amendola Fiera, Cadorna, Cairoli, Duomo, Lotto, Pero, Rho Fiera and San Babila
    • the M2 Line: Assago Forum, Assago Nord, Garibaldi and Lambrate
    • the M3 Line: Duomo and Rogoredo       
  • the platforms: at all the stops on the four underground lines, except for the section between Vimodrone and Gessate on the M2 line 

Required assistance
If you need assistance on the M1, M2 and M3 lines, we recommend going directly to the Station Controller. Our Controllers continuously monitor the platforms at all the stations via closed circuit television cameras linked to the monitors in their booths. These pictures can also be seen in the Operations Room. To communicate with the Station Controller and the Operations Room, on the M3 line there are three SOS video intercom systems on the platforms (one at each end and one in the middle) and at least two SOS video intercoms on the mezzanine floor.

All the stations on the 
 M4 and M5 lines line are monitored by cameras. All the lifts have cameras inside and outside.

This system guarantees constant careful supervision 24/7 inside the stations (entrances, entry gates, self service machines, WCs, escalators, connecting walkways and platforms). The same system is in operation inside the trains, with 8 cameras to ensure the highest possible safety for passengers and to allow prompt action to be taken in the event of an emergency.
In the event of an emergency, passengers should:
1. contact the control room by pressing the SOS button on the intercom systems found in all carriages and at the stations;
2. if you are on a train: pull the special handle, bearing in mind that the train will not stop until the next station; once the train has stopped, the passenger who sounded the alarm can report the issue to staff.

Emergency signalling system at the station
A red flashing light has been installed at several points on the mezzanine floor and on the platforms of each station. If this system is on, it means you have to leave the station immediately due to an emergency. 

On the train
At the front of the train and on the side of each carriage, there is a display indicating the destination of the train. Furthermore, Meneghino trains and trains on the M4 and M5 lines are fitted with a video announcement system indicating the destination and the next stop
SOS intercom systems are in operation on the M1 and M2 lines located at the centre of the platform. Inside every carriage, there is an intercom system near to the first door of the coach that allows passengers to communicate directly with the Operations Room in an emergency. 

SOS intercom for reporting an emergency
Inside every carriage on the M1, M2 and M3 lines, there is an intercom system near to the first door of the coach that allows passengers to communicate directly with the Operations Room in an emergency. There are two intercom systems in every carriage on the M4 and M5 lines, bringing the total to eight.  

On the overground

Next vehicle arriving displays
The new bus shelters found across the city, accounting for 53% of the total, are fitted with an information display which indicates the vehicle arriving and the waiting time, while also providing updates on the city’s transport system.

On board
When you validate your ticket
, a message will appear on the display of the electronic magnetic reader indicating that you have properly validated your ticket.
On most bus lines, the new trolleybuses (80% of city buses and 42% of trolleybuses), the Eurotrams and the Sirio trams (37% of the tram fleet) there is a display system in operation that indicates the name of the next stop.
We have installed an LCD display on 494 buses in circulation on the city lines (about 30% of vehicles) which, in addition to indicating the destination and next stop, also provides information on an electronic map to help you find your way around the city. These maps are also linked to the ATM Traffic Info service providing real-time information on the city’s traffic.

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